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This page is the 'small-print' for this website, covering my obligations as the service provider (sections 1 and 2), and considerations that you should be aware of if you use (section 3) or contribute to (section 4) this website.

1. As the provider of this website I will endeavour to:
1.1 Make the full content of this website available to all users at all times, without any charge.
You do not need to register/log-in to view content on this website. The only content that will not be visible to all users is:
- Contributed content (sightings, notes or forum posts) that has been unapproved
1.2 Allow users to register accounts (to enable them to contribute content) without any charge.
1.3 Make reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal information in this website, or in the database that supports it (for example, e-mail addresses of registered users), is kept in an appropriately private and secure manner. The e-mail addresses of users will never be visible to others.
1.4 Never share any information that could be regarded as personal (in particular the e-mail addresses of registered users) with any third party.
1.5 Never feature external advertising on this website.
1.6 Check the website, and correspondence (i.e. e-mails) on a regular basis and respond, within a reasonable timescale, to any items that require action.
Users should be aware that this website is provided solely by me and in my free-time. As such, I cannot guarantee response times.
1.7 Only send e-mails to users to enable account activation, or in exceptional circumstances (for example, to query something they have posted if this cannot be done using the normal methods). There will be no bulk mail-shots.

2. As the provider of this website, I reserve the right to:
2.1 Withdraw the service (in whole or in part) at any time, and without notice, if changed circumstances make its continuation impossible.
2.2 Amend or delete any of the content (including items posted by other users) at any time and without notice.
2.3 Block or suspend, at any time and without notice, the access accounts of any member/s who persistently mis-use or abuse the service.

3. All users of this website should be aware that:
3.1 All the information contained on this website has been provided in the belief that it is correct and accurate, but neither can be guaranteed.
3.2 This website uses session cookies for functional purposes only (for example, to 'remember' which photos the user has selected to view when the user moves from one page of the gallery to another). All session data is cleared when you close your browser.
3.3 When a user logs in to the website, session cookies are used to store this information (so that, when a user moves to another page, that page knows whether or not the user is logged in). These cookies contain no personal information and are cleared when the user logs out.
3.4 I am not a professional website designer and I have taught myself the skills required to get this far. Because of this, changes arising from suggestions or reported issues may take some time to implement, or may prove to not be feasible.
3.5 The database that this website runs off is big, with several tables having thousands of records. As a result, some pages may seem to load quite slowly, whilst size limitations have meant that some functions (for example, sorting by certain fields) are not possible.

4. By registering for an access account on this website, you agree to:
4.1 Post only information that you know or believe to be correct, and which does not unduly repeat information that has already been provided.
4.2 Refrain from posting content that could be considered abusive, offensive, racist etc by other users of the service.