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This page gives an overview of what the LTSV website is all about
The short version
The long version

LTSV is about the road vehicles that supported London Transport's operations.
This site gives details of the road vehicles operated by London Transport (and by its predecessors and successors) in support of the bus, tube, tram and trolleybus networks in London. It also covers vehicles operated by companies in the erstwhile LT 'country' area (broadly speaking up to 30 or so miles from London).

Covered are cars, vans, lorries and various special-purpose vehicles
A wide variety of vehicles are covered by this website, ranging from standard cars, vans and lorries to specialised vehicles such as garage sweepers, mobile cranes, exhibition units and gully emptiers.

It covers the period from the early 20th century to the present
The earliest known (powered) service vehicles date from the 1900s. Details of all known service vehicles up to the present day have been included.

The core of the LTSV website is a database of vehicles.
The LTSV website is based on a database which contains records for all known service vehicles along with operators and locations. There are numerous other sections (such as photos, sightings, notes), but most of these are linked in one way or another to the key data tables.

It is kept as up-to-date as possible.
New and updated information is added at least once a week, depending on reports being received. There are no doubt some gaps in the recent information so, if you see a vehicle that is not listed, please let us know about it.

LTSV is reliant on people contributing sightings, information and photographs
Although some information is received from the companies operating service vehicles, the bulk of the data on this website is based on information contributed by members.